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Our Dedication to Security

CenturyLink is dedicated to providing you a secure site, using a standard security protocal called Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). Among other security protections, SSL provides data encryption to your customer information. This means that only you and CenturyLink have access to your account or the contents of those e-mails you send to CenturyLink. Beyond the encryption protocol, we also actively monitor invalid login attempts to deter unauthorized access.

Login Security

Your phone number and calling card PIN uniquely identifies your account. This information is encrypted via the SSL protocol and can only be decrypted by CenturyLink.

Logout Security

To complete the secure transaction on our site, we recommend that you log out of the CenturyLink site by selecting the Log Out link and exiting the browser. Nevertheless, for your security, we also automatically log out your account after 15 minutes of inactivity.

How Can You Help?

Most web browsers save the last pages that have been visited in memory, called the "browser cache." This allows previously viewed pages to be quickly displayed without downloading. This also means that if you previously displayed your account information, pressing the Back button on your browser will redisplay this sensitive information. If this is a concern to you, you should either quit your browser or change your browser settings (under Temporary Files or Security) to update a web page on every return to the page.

Have Additional Questions?

Please contact Customer Service at 800 860-2255..